Dear Provider Representative:

I am Sachin Agarwal, the founder of BigBitBus, a company based out of Waterloo, Ontario (Canada).

Our mission is to bring more transparency in the public cloud space (*aaS and managed data analytics platforms). We intend to do so by analyzing performance, cost, and reliability metrics across different cloud providers and publishing this information to help users make architectural and financial decisions based on objective data. We are building an automated platform for objective testing and measurement, as well as fostering a community of performance engineers and architects to help with user enlightenment.

We have started publishing some preliminary analysis already, for example, I have included links to recent posts at the end of this message. To expand the utility of our efforts we would like to include your offerings in our analysis. Would you be willing to collaborate with us on this? We need help with credits (resources) for our test accounts on your platform and direct collaboration with technical staff on your team to help us setup and analyze your cloud offerings. Further, if you have programs to support a community effort like this one then we would like to discuss those with you as well (for example, developer time, sponsoring a student coop, etc.).

I can think of these benefits for your participation:

  1. Users deserve objective information - Biased marketing, non-scientific benchmarks, opinionated and fragmented commentary on the web and out-dated and incomplete data coupled with the rapid pace of change in this space make it really hard for non-tech businesses (who do not have deeply knowledgeable engineering teams) to make informed decisions about public cloud and managed data analytics platforms. Users deserve actionable unbiased data to make choices that are best for their businesses.

  2. Early access - Your involvement will give you a voice on the table when we publish our results to the community. For example, each of the blog posts cited below are sourced from our website’s git repository; an active collaboration could allow your team to make pull requests to the posts repository and have a public discussion on the findings.

  3. The goodwill factor - Your participation is a sign of openness, and results reviewed and vetted by BigBitBus will be more believable than any analysis your own teams publish. Independent and honest BigBitBus analysis will ensure that your engineering and R&D teams’ efforts are recognized for their unique offerings.

  4. Regulatory counterweight - Given increasing regulation around technology companies and the “social utility” tag being added to cloud services, open collaboration and transparency could be a counterweight to government efforts to unfairly regulate parts of your business in the future.

I hope to work with you in the future.

Best regards

Sachin Agarwal

Links to recently published articles:

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