Public Cloud Object-stores Are Very Unequal

For this article we compared the object-store performance of Amazon Web Services (S3), Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure Blobs in locally redundant configurations (without geo-replication). We found very significant performance differences that can have a direct impact on user applications. [Read More]

Contructing an Apache Jmeter MySQL JDBC Test Scenario

In this post we describe the design of a test scenario for running Jmeter load tests against a MySQL database. We also show an example of how new data records can be generated from pre-existing records in the database in Jmeter, thereby giving you a larger test database to work... [Read More]

Microsoft Azure Inter-Region Network Latency

Azure offers greater geographical reach (more regions) than other public cloud providers; enterprises looking to build highly-available fail over IT architectures, especially outside the western world, will benefit from the low latencies between their relatively nearby regions. [Read More]